Jorge Luis Rivero Pérez

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Network intrusion detection is one of the most visible uses for Big Data analytics. One of the main problems in this application is the constant rise of new attacks. This scenario, characterized by the fact that not enough labeled examples are available for the new classes of attacks is hardly addressed by traditional machine learning approaches. New(More)
One of the main problems in Network Intrusion Detection comes from constant rise of new attacks, so that not enough labeled examples are available for the new classes of attacks. Traditional Machine Learning approaches hardly address such problem. This can be overcome with Zero-Shot Learning, a new approach in the field of Computer Vision, which can be(More)
Data mining has been widely used to identify potential customers for a new product or service. In this article is done a study of previous work relating to the application of data mining methodologies for software projects, specifically for direct marketing projects. Several data sets of demographic and historical customer purchases data available for(More)
With the massive data challenges nowadays and the rapid growing of technology, stream mining has recently received considerable attention. To address the large number of scenarios in which this phenomenon manifests itself suitable tools are required in various research fields. Instance-based data stream algorithms generally employ the Euclidean distance for(More)
Intruders detection in computer networks has some deficiencies from machine learning approach, given by the nature of the application. The principal problem is the modest display of detection systems based on learning algorithms under the constraints imposed by real environments. This article focuses on the machine learning approach for network intrusion(More)
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