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OBJECTIVE Facial-type-associated variations in diagnostic features have several implications in orthodontics. For example, in hyperdivergent craniofacial types, growth imbalances are compensated by displacement of the condyle. When diagnosis and treatment planning involves centric relation (CR), detailed knowledge of the condylar position is desirable. The(More)
One hundred fifty alcoholic men and women and 150 age and sex-matched nonalcoholic controls (after exclusion of pernicious anemia and cancer of the stomach) were evaluated for the presence of parietal cell antibodies (PCA). Blocking and binding intrinsic factor antibodies (IFA) were determined in the PCA positive sera. The prevalence and age and sex(More)
E-business in construction is not just about trading products on-line, as e-commerce was originally defined. It covers all aspects of relationships with clients, contractors, suppliers, and partners within the construction supply chain. It also includes procurement, intra-team collaboration, handling value added services like transportation, warehousing,(More)
The quantity of educational digital content available for the hearing impaired community is very scarce. However, due to extraordinary progress of the new technologies, remarkable opportunities to bring a better quality of life to the public in general arose. Making these opportunities available to those who endure handicap and disabilities is a core(More)
This paper describes our efforts in the development of NOCT´IVAGO, a non-English version of Let's Go! a bus schedule information system for the city of Pittsburgh, for Lisbon Night Buses. Besides describing language porting issues, the paper addresses the main problems which were related to the integration of a different speech recognizer and synthesizer,(More)
Promoting equity, equal opportunities to all and social inclusion of people with disabilities is a concern of modern societies at large and a key topic in the agenda of European Higher Education. Despite all the progress, we cannot ignore the fact that the conditions provided by the society for the deaf are still far from being perfect. The communication(More)
Identifying hand configuration is a critical feature of sign language translation. In this paper, we describe our approach to recognize hand configurations in real time with the purpose of providing accurate predictions to be used in automatic sign language translation. To capture the hand configuration we rely on data gloves with 14 sensors that measure(More)
The goal of this paper is to present the development of a game aimed at making the process of learning sign language enjoyable and interactive, using the VirtualSign Translator. This game aims to make the process of learning sign language easier and enjoyable. In the game the player can control an avatar and interact with several objects and Non-player(More)