Jorge L. Peña-Arancibia

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Evapotranspiration (ET) is the process by which liquid water becomes water vapor and energetically this accounts for much of incoming solar radiation. If this ET did not occur temperatures would be higher, so understanding ET trends is crucial to predict future temperatures. Recent studies have reported prolonged declines in ET in recent decades, although(More)
Common streamflow gauging procedures require assumptions about the stage-discharge relationship (the ‘rating curve’) that can introduce considerable uncertainties in streamflow records. These rating uncertainties are not usually considered fully in hydrological model calibration and evaluation yet can have potentially important impacts. We analysed(More)
Globally, irrigation accounts for more than two thirds of freshwater demand. Recent regional and global assessments indicate that groundwater extraction (GWE) for irrigation has increased more rapidly than surface water extraction (SWE), potentially resulting in groundwater depletion. Irrigated agriculture in semi-arid and arid regions is usually from a(More)
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