Jorge L. Palma

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This work has for objective building a simulation model to evaluate different alternatives of operation of a projected center for ambulatory surgery. For the construction of the model a group of pathologies was selected and real data was taken from statistics of surgeries from a clinical hospital. The information was supplemented by the opinion of medical(More)
The general objective of this work is to present a generic simulator to be used in a network of clinic laboratories of the company ACHS-Arauco Health in Chile, which is to be used to standardize the service processes, the assignment of personnel and to guide investment decisions. The specific objective is to reduce the time in the system of the patients.(More)
This work shows an object oriented library that was designed to facilitate the development of simulation studies of sawmills. A group technology approach was used to minimize the number of objects in the library, which includes objects that have the functionality of the equipments found in these facilities, so that the analyst only needs to provide the(More)
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