Jorge L. Gonzalez

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Although accurate long-distance neuronal migration is a cardinal feature of cerebral cortical development, little is known about control of this migration. The scrambler (scm) mouse shows abnormal cortical lamination that is indistinguishable from reeler. Genetic and physical mapping of scm identified yeast artificial chromosomes containing an exon of(More)
The reeler mutation in mice produces an especially well characterized disorder, with systematically abnormal migration of cerebral cortical neurons. The reeler gene encodes a large protein, termed Reelin, that in the cortex is synthesized and secreted exclusively in the Cajal-Retzius neurons of the cortical marginal zone (D'Arcangelo et al., 1995). In(More)
We characterized the initiation and evolution of the immune response against a new inducible p53-dependent model of aggressive ovarian carcinoma that recapitulates the leukocyte infiltrates and cytokine milieu of advanced human tumors. Unlike other models that initiate tumors before the development of a mature immune system, we detect measurable anti-tumor(More)
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