Jorge L Fraga

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Microbial community composition associated with benzene oxidation under in situ Fe(III)-reducing conditions in a petroleum-contaminated aquifer located in Bemidji, Minn., was investigated. Community structure associated with benzene degradation was compared to sediment communities that did not anaerobically oxidize benzene which were obtained from two(More)
BACKGROUND Bone marrow-derived stem cell transplantation is a potentially viable therapeutic option for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease. MATERIAL/METHODS We have isolated bone marrow stem cells by standard method. We then evaluated the survival of rats' bone marrow mononuclear cells implanted in rats' brain. The cells were extracted from rats'(More)
Electro-oscillographic recordings show that when rats wake up, behavioral manifestations such as head dorsal extension and snout and eye movements (which occur in this sequence), occasionally followed by brief ear and limb twitches, are preceded by and are simultaneous with theta waves (around 6.5 Hz in frequency) in neocortical areas 3 and 17 and in the(More)
The electrical activity of the posterior thalamic nuclear complex was studied in rats and related to the simultaneous hippocampal electro-oscillogram. Electrocorticographic tracings and spectral analysis showed that during attentive wakefulness the electro-oscillogram peaked at 8 Hz and in desynchronized sleep it oscillated at regular frequencies between 8(More)
Establishing the stationarity and statistical distribution of potentials recorded from the nervous system is crucial for the application of frequency analysis. Both parameters were determined in the electrocorticograms of six adult Wistar rats during wakefulness and desynchronized sleep, during both of which desynchronization prevails. Stationarity of the(More)
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