Jorge Jorge

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PURPOSE The aim of the present study was to compare the accommodative response to the same visual content presented in two dimensions (2D) and stereoscopically in three dimensions (3D) while participants were either watching a television (TV) or Nintendo 3DS console. METHODS Twenty-two university students, with a mean age of 20.3 ± 2.0 years (mean ±(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to compare the accuracy of the new Sirius(®) Scheimpflug anterior segment examination device for measurement of central corneal thickness (CCT) and anterior chamber depth (ACD) with that of CCT measurements obtained by ultrasound pachymetry and ACD measurements obtained by ultrasound biometry, respectively. METHODS(More)
With the advent of commodity 3D capturing devices and better 3D modeling tools, 3D shape content is becoming increasingly prevalent. Therefore, the need for shape retrieval algorithms to handle large-scale shape repositories is more and more important. This track aims to provide a benchmark to evaluate large-scale shape retrieval based on the ShapeNet(More)
The mesoscale numerical weather prediction model MM5, the 5 th generation Pennsylvania State University/NCAR Mesoscale Model, uses a global land-use map to set the physical parameters on the surface characteristics to model the soil-atmosphere processes. These parameters are albedo, emissivity, thermal inertia, roughness length and soil moisture. A new(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the factors affecting data acquisition during corneal topography examination with the Medmont E-300 videokeratoscope and to provide strategies to minimize their effects. METHODS Sixty eyes from thirty young adults were examined. A second observer registered incidences with the potential to affect data acquisition. Those factors were(More)
  • M A Rentroia-Bonito, J Jorge, C Ghaoui
  • 2016
INTRODUCTION Technology-rich environments are assuming a key role in the individual learning processes. Still, one of the PDMRU,7FKDOOHQJHVLGHQWL¿HGLQWKHHGXFDWLRQ¿HOGLVWR establish e-learning as a credible and viable complement to face-to-face education. This represents a paradigm shift in the way of learning, which is driving changes at individual,(More)
  • M A Rentroia-Bonito, J Jorge, Claude Ghaoui
  • 2016
AbstrAct E-learning is expected to support organizations and individuals so they can become more adaptable and competitive. However, in order for organizations to realize the full potential of this technology, they should create and sustain the right context to foster learning in articulation with business objectives. This requires active participation and(More)
PURPOSE To describe a new methodology that derives horizontal posterior retinal contours from partial coherence interferometry (PCI) and ray tracing using the corneal topography. METHODS Corneal topography and PCI for seven horizontal visual field eccentricities correspondent to the central 60 degrees of the posterior pole were obtained in 55 myopic eyes.(More)
  • Václav Skala, Vaclav Skala, G Baranoski, Canada Bartz, D Benes, V Biri +142 others
  • 2011
An international journal of algorithms, data structures and techniques for computer graphics and visualization, surface meshing and modeling, global illumination, computer vision, image processing and pattern recognition, computational geometry, visual human interaction and virtual reality, animation, multimedia systems and applications in parallel,(More)
Implicit modeling has been used since the early 1980s as an alternative to mainstream solid-modeling techniques. Beyond Boolean composition, implicit model-ing integrates blending and deformation operators which allow complex free-form solid models to be more easily described. Recent advances have alleviated some of the major technical problems, such as(More)