Jorge Júlvez

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Different malarial situations in Africa within the past 40 years are discussed in order to evaluate the impact of climatic and human factors on the disease. North of the equator, more droughts and lower rainfall have been recorded since 1972; and in eastern and southern Africa, there have been alternating dry and wet periods in relation to El Niño. Since(More)
Buffer resizing and buffer insertion are two transformation techniques for the performance optimization of elastic systems. Different approaches for each technique have already been proposed in the literature. Both techniques increase the storage capacity and can potentially contribute to improve the throughput of the system. Each technique offers a(More)
Asynchronous and latency-insensitive circuits offer a similar form of elasticity that tolerates variations in the delays of communication resources of a system. This flexibility comes at the expense of including a control layer that synchronizes the flow of information. This paper proposes a method for eliminating the complexity of the control layer,(More)
Fluidification is a common relaxation technique used to deal in a more friendly way with large discrete event dynamic systems. In Petri nets, fluidification leads to continuous Petri nets systems in which the firing amounts are not restricted to be integers. For these systems reachability can be interpreted in several ways. The concepts of reachability and(More)
Traffic systems are often highly populated discrete event systems that exhibit several modes of behavior such as free flow traffic, traffic jams, stop-and-go waves, etc. An appropriate closed loop control of the congested system is crucial in order to avoid undesirable behavior. This paper proposes a macroscopic model based on continuous Petri nets as a(More)
Early evaluation allows to execute operations when enough information at the inputs has been received to determine the value at the outputs. Systems that can tolerate variable-latency units, such as latency-insensitive or asynchronous systems, can enhance their performance by using early evaluation. The most relevant example of a unit with early evaluation(More)
Fluidification is a classical relaxation technique for approximated performance evaluation of discrete systems. In this paper we deal with T-timed fully continuous Petri Nets working under infinite servers semantics, what leads to (deterministic) piecewise linear differential systems. Switches among dynamic linear systems are triggered by internal events(More)
Retiming and recycling are two transformations used to optimize the performance of latency-insensitive (a.k.a. synchronous elastic) systems. This paper presents an approach that combines these two transformations for performance optimization of elastic systems with early evaluation. The method is based on Mixed Integer Linear Programming. On a set of(More)
In this paper we introduce a class of continuous-time hybrid dynamical systems called integral continuous-time hybrid automata (icHA) for which we propose an event-driven optimization-based control strategy. Events include both external actions applied to the system and changes of continuous dynamics (mode switches). The icHA formalism subsumes a number of(More)