Jorge I. Zuluaga

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The diversity and quantity of moons in the Solar System suggest a manifold population of natural satellites exist around extrasolar planets. Of peculiar interest from an astrobiological perspective, the number of sizable moons in the stellar habitable zones may outnumber planets in these circumstellar regions. With technological and theoretical methods now(More)
An extension of the gauge group SU (2) L ⊗ U (1) Y of the standard model to the symmetry group SU (4) L ⊗ U (1) X (3-4-1 for short) is presented. The model does not contain exotic electric charges and anomaly cancellation is achieved with a family of quarks transforming differently from the other two, thus leading to FCNC. By introducing a discrete Z 2(More)
We study the sensitivity to neutrino masses of a Galactic supernova neutrino signal as could be measured with the detectors presently in operation and with future large volume wateř Cerencov and scintillator detectors. The analysis uses the full statistics of neutrino events. The method proposed uses the principles of Bayesian inference reasoning and has(More)
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