Jorge I. Marin-Hurtado

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—Different noise-reduction methods have been proposed in the literature for single and multiple-microphone applications. For binaural hearing aids, multiple-microphone noise-reduction methods offer two significant psycho-acoustical advantages with respect to the single-microphone methods. First, noise reduction strategies based on binaural processing(More)
Binaural noise-reduction techniques based on Multichannel Wiener filter (MWF) are promising candidates to be used in binaural hearing aids. The real-time implementation of the existing MWF methods involves different challenges, e.g. the robustness against errors in the estimation of the second-order statistics. A typical approach in MWF to estimate these(More)
In most speech enhancement algorithms, a frequency response is computed per each block, and a multiplication in the frequency domain is used to apply this frequency response. Typically, in these algorithms, the updating procedure cannot ensure the fulfillment of the condition to perform a linear convolution instead of a circular convolution. As a result,(More)
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