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Diamond exhibits several special properties, for example good biocompatibility and a large electrochemical potential window, that make it particularly suitable for biofunctionalization and biosensing. Here we show that proteins can be attached covalently to nanocrystalline diamond thin films. Moreover, we show that, although the biomolecules are immobilized(More)
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Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) has been immobilized on the surface of functionalized nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) thin films. The structure of the modified NCD surface as well as the electrochemical behavior of the whole system was characterized by impedance spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry. The proximity of HRP heme groups to the NCD surface allowed(More)
Segre is a rule-based automatic phonetic transcription system for Catalan, jointly developed by the The syntax of the rules has been designed to obtain phonetic transcriptions for four major dialects of Catalan: the Central or Eastern dialect, spoken in the East of Catalonia, the NorthWestern or Western dialect, spoken in the West of Catalonia (including(More)
Speech is dramatically degraded when a distant microphone is used in real environments. One of the possible solutions is to use a microphone array to improve the quality of the recorded speech signal. In this paper we present a robust beamformer that integrates the directional noise reduction capability of a modification of the generalized sidelobe(More)
Speech recognition in noisy environments remains an unsolved problem even in the case of isolated word recognition with small vocabularies. Recently, several techniques have been proposed to alleviate this problem. Concretely, two closely related parameterization techniques based on an AR modelling in the autocorrelation domain called SMC [1] and OSALPC [2](More)
Tracking speakers in multiparty conversations constitutes a fundamental task for automatic meeting analysis. In this work, we present the Person Tracking systems developed at UPC for audio, video and audio-video modalities. The proposed systems are designed to deal robustly in both single and multiperson localization task independently on the environmental(More)
The performance of existing speech recognition systems degrades rapidly in the presence of background noise when training and testing cannot be done under the same ambient conditions. The aim of this paper is to report the application of several robust techniques on a system based on the HMM (Hidden Markov Models) and VQ (Vector Quantization) approaches for(More)
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