Jorge Hernández

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During January-March 2009, an outbreak of Salmonella was diagnosed in four commercial egg-laying farms in Barbados. During the outbreak, 511 layers died while 3257 layers were voluntarily culled from one affected farm. Salmonella ser Enteritidis was identified in avian tissues (ovaries, liver, and uterus), and egg samples submitted to the Ministry of(More)
In response to complaints of odor and irritation from metam-sodium applications, this study was conducted to determine possible air concentrations of methyl isothiocyanate (MITC), the major breakdown product and active fumigant of metam-sodium, during a ''worst case" application scenario. Metam-sodium was applied by a fixed-set sprinkler system to a 20-acre(More)
20 patients with stroke more than one year earlier were evaluated, admitted to a novel therapy including constraint-induced and computer game-motivated therapy. Statistically significant improvements after 4 weeks of late therapy were seen in all 20 patients on nine out of eleven quantified clinical evaluation scales. The patients looked forward to and(More)
Carbaryl insecticide was applied by ground spray to plants in urban areas to control a serious insect pest the glassy-winged sharpshooter, Homalodisca coagulata (Say), newly introduced in California. To assure there are no adverse impacts to human health and the environment from the carbaryl applications, carbaryl was monitored in tank mixtures, air,(More)
Maintaining Eucalyptus harvest residues on site contributes to forest soil productivity and system sustainability, but in temperate climate slow decomposition of residues left on the soil surface limits the amounts of recycled nutrients available for future reforestation. In this work, decomposition rates (k) of the different fractions of Eucalyptus grandis(More)
An important goal for rehabilitation engineering is to develop technology that allows individuals with stroke to practice intensive movement training without the expense of an always-present therapist. We have developed a low-cost, computer vision system that allows individuals with stroke to practice arm movement exercises at home or at the clinic, with(More)
Stroke is the main cause of disabilities in the world and is typically treated with intensive, hands-on physical and occupational therapy for several weeks after the initial injury. However, due to economic pressures, stroke patients are receiving less therapy and going home sooner, so the potential benefit of the therapy is not completely realized. Thus,(More)
This paper presents an automatic method for filtering and segmenting 3D point clouds acquired from mobile LIDAR systems. Our approach exploits 3D information by using range images and several morphological operators. Firstly, a detection of artifacts is carried out in order to filter point clouds. The artifact detection is based on a Top-Hat of hole filling(More)
Stroke is the main cause of motor and cognitive disabilities requiring therapy in the world. Therefor it is important to develop rehabilitation technology that allows individuals who had suffered a stroke to practice intensive movement training without the expense of an always-present therapist. We have developed a low-cost vision-based system that allows(More)