Jorge Hermosillo

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The Cycab robot is a new mobile platform already used in several research labs and meant to diierent applications such as public transportation in airport terminals , self-service cars in pedestrian zones, etc. From a kinematic point of view, the Cycab speciity is the turning of its rear wheels as a linear function of the steering angle of the front wheels.(More)
Flatness is an interesting structural property of many engineering systems. Typically, the knowledge of the Flat Outputs of a system allows the design of open loop control and helps the design of control loops. When the literature includes many works on nding families of at systems or proposing tools to check the atness of a system, there has been very few(More)
The Chinese room argument has presented a persistent headache in the search for Artificial Intelligence. Since it first appeared in the literature, various interpretations have been made, attempting to understand the problems posed by this thought experiment. Throughout all this time, some researchers in the Artificial Intelligence community have seen(More)
| This paper presents an Artiicial Neural Network (ANN) approach aiming to improve the performance of sensor-based maneuvers. The key idea is to adapt the parameters of the controller accordingly to the perception of the real state of the vehicle from noisy and uncertain sensor data. A particular implementation is discussed around a case study consisting in(More)
This paper presents a flexible and portable digital framework for Built-in Self-Test (BIST) and calibration of RF/analog circuitry. Novel to the proposed testing framework, is a reusable, flexible, drop-in IP core, composed of a centralized custom processing engine with data path, memory architecture and instruction set optimized for efficient execution of(More)
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