Jorge Hermosillo

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The Chinese room argument has presented a persistent headache in the search for Artificial Intelligence. Since it first appeared in the literature, various interpretations have been made, attempting to understand the problems posed by this thought experiment. Throughout all this time, some researchers in the Artificial Intelligence community have seen(More)
  • Carballido J, Hermosillo J, Veloz A, Arditti D, Del Rio, Borrayo E +12 others
  • 2014
This paper presents a flexible and portable digital framework for Built-in Self-Test (BIST) and calibration of RF/analog circuitry. Novel to the proposed testing framework, is a reusable, flexible, drop-in IP core, composed of a centralized custom processing engine with data path, memory architecture and instruction set optimized for efficient execution of(More)
Autonomous agents interacting within dynamic environments require efficient learning architectures that enable the development of optimal sensory-motor strategies. Reinforcement Learning is a widely-used framework for learning optimal control policies, due to its trial-and-error nature grounded on the agent-environment interaction. Still, computing an(More)
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