Jorge Granados

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Dietary nitrate (NO3 −) supplementation reduces the O2 cost of fixed-workload tasks performed in temperate environments but has not been examined in the heat. If this effect were retained it could reduce heatstroke risk in military personnel that are deployed for desert combat. Nine men completed three 45 min loaded battle marches at a standard cadence(More)
The causes of internal conflicts are not easy to identify, and in order to understand its dynamics it is important to determine the factors that influence its persistence. The appropriation of economic resources has been identified as a cause of the conflict; however, asset appropriation may not be the main motivation for armed groups. On the contrary, it(More)
BACKGROUND Surgery for portal hypertension has a low rebleeding rate. Patients that rebleed can be grossly divided into those who die as a consequence of the episode, those who don't die but develop liver failure (remaining as Child-Pugh C) and those who, in spite of the bleeding episode, retain good liver function (Child-Pugh A or B). At our hospital, the(More)
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