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The concepts of autonomous agent and multi-agent system provide appropriate levels of abstraction for the design, implementation and simulation of many complex, distributed computational systems, particularly those systems open to external participants. Programming such agent systems presents many difficult challenges, both conceptually and practically, and(More)
The agent-oriented approach has been successfully applied to the solution of complex problems in dynamic open environments. However, to extend its use to mainstream computing and industrial environments , appropriate software tools are needed. Arguably, software methodologies form the most important type of these software tools. Although several(More)
With the introduction of large-scale open systems, the need for managing interactions between agents, and in particular for managing the entry of a new agent into an existing system, becomes an increasingly more important objective. Without such management, there may be significant implications for the performance of such systems, negating the benefits to(More)
We present the case of a female patient with atypical gastrointestinal stromal tumor. The young woman presented asymptomatic colonic perforation and showed atypical immunohistochemical findings. The various clinicopathologic characteristics and diagnostic tests, as well as treatment and distinct behavior of these tumors, are discussed.
"Cirsoid aneurysm" represents the pathologic substratum of congenital arteriovenous fistula. Congenital renal arteriovenous fistulas are rare clinicopathologic entities usually first manifested by hematuria. Recently, several studies of this malformation have been reported, but few have made reference to the pathologic findings. We report 2 cases of this(More)
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