Jorge González-Angulo

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BACKGROUND histopathologic identification of atrophy and metaplasia is decisive to stop the way of gastritis?carcinoma in patients with chronic gastritis. OBJECTIVE to compare diagnostic concordance between Sidney system and the operative Link on Gastritis Assessment (OLGA) system. METHODS 120 consecutive biopsies were analyzed by general pathologists(More)
There is a jaw cancer that develops in children five to eight years old in holoendemic malaria regions of Africa, associated to malaria and Epstein Barr virus infections (EBV). This malignancy is known as endemic Burkitt's lymphoma, and histopatologically is characterized by a starry sky appearance. To date, no histopathologic expression of Burkitt's(More)
BACKGROUND Peroral endoscopic myotomy has recently been developed and performed on patients with good results. AIMS To evaluate the technical feasibility of peroral endoscopic full-thickness and partial thickness myotomy in a porcine model. MATERIAL AND METHODS Eighteen criollo pigs were randomly assigned to 2 groups: group A (partial-thickness myotomy)(More)
Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) has a promising future about early detection of fetal abnormalities. It has the potential to become a major tool in the prenatal diagnosis and therapy of genetic disorders. Villus samples can be analyzed by means of cytogenetic, biochemical or molecular technics. Information available at present indicates fetal loss rate(More)
BACKGROUND The intestinal gastric cancer is preceded by a sequence of pathological changes whose link is mucosal atrophy. The modified Sydney system for atrophy is a parameter not reproducible among pathologists. AIM To know the interobserver variability using the OLGA system (Operative Link on Gastritis Assessment). METHODS We selected 116 histologic(More)
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