Jorge García-Duque

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This paper describes ongoing work aimed at improving the dependability of mobile ad-hoc networks in terms of service provision. Building upon the idea of knowledge dissemination and exploitation, we motivate the use of formalisms intended to reason about uncertainty and inconsistencies, and then outline an integrated solution that borrows mechanisms from(More)
This paper presents a practical approach to manage mobile ad-hoc networks around the service requirements of their forming hosts. The solution consists of a middleware layer called KEPPAN, designed to exploit incomplete and changeable information about virtually any aspect that influences service provision. Having formal languages at the interfaces with the(More)
Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) is an area focused in the rehabilitation of people suffering from different kinds of disorders and disabilities related with language and communication. According to latest estimates of theWorld Health Organization, the most of countries do not have appropriate structures to provide healthcare and rehabilitation services(More)
BACKGROUND Speech and language pathologists (SLPs) deal with a wide spectrum of disorders, arising from many different conditions, that affect voice, speech, language, and swallowing capabilities in different ways. Therefore, the outcomes of Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) are highly dependent on the accurate, consistent, and complete design of(More)
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