Jorge G. Leitão

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In this study normative data were obtained on measures of IQ, visual/motor, motor and memory functions among Portuguese elementary school children. Subjects were 228 females and 275 males, 8.0 to 11.9 years of age, in grades 2 through 4, who participated in a dental study. Performance on all tests improved with increasing age. Females performed better in(More)
BACKGROUND Urinary mercury concentrations are widely used as a measure of mercury exposure from dental amalgam fillings. No studies have evaluated the relationship of these measures in a longitudinal context in children. OBJECTIVE We evaluated urinary mercury in children 8-18 years of age in relation to number of amalgam surfaces and time since placement(More)
Neurological examination of children includes the screening for soft neurological signs (NSS). There is little knowledge about their evolution during adolescence, except that their lasting presence has been associated with developmental, psychological, and cognitive disorders. We report the results of a NSS exam (assessing gross and fine motor function and(More)
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