Jorge G Boretto

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The large-scale organization and polymorphism of the HLA class I region was investigated by pulsed field gel (PFG) fractionation of DNA from various HLA-typed cell lines cleaved by different 'rare(More)
We have investigated the accessibility of the 5' CpG rich sequences (CpG islands) present in the 5' region of most if not all HLA class I genes to methylation sensitive rare cutter enzymes. We show(More)
PURPOSE To report the long-term results of excision of the trapezium and intermetacarpal ligament reconstruction with the extensor carpi radialis longus for thumb trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis.(More)
PURPOSE Evaluate the influence of the position of the lunate on postoperative wrist motion in four-corner arthrodesis. METHODS Six upper cadaveric limbs were evaluated, comparing the total arc of(More)