Jorge Futoshi Yamamoto

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The solid nematic equivalent of the Fredericks transition is found to depend on a critical field rather than a critical voltage as in the classical case. This arises because director anchoring is principally to the solid rubbery matrix of the nematic gel rather than to the sample surfaces. Moreover, above the threshold field, we find a competition between(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate muscle׳s energy patterns and spectral properties of diabetic neuropathic individuals during gait cycle using wavelet approach. Twenty-one diabetic patients diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, and 21 non-diabetic individuals were assessed during the whole gait cycle. Activation patterns of vastus lateralis, medial(More)
There have been several research studies on efficient methods for analysis and classification of electromyography (EMG) signals and adoption of wavelet functions, which is a promising approach for determining the spectral distribution of the signal. This study compares distinct time-frequency analysis methods for investigating the EMG activity of the thigh(More)
A relevant factor in the growth of academic productivity in the second half of 20th century is the implementation of the internet, particularly in developing countries. One of the first networks in Brazil is the Academic Network at Sao Paulo (ANSP), a regional network implemented in the state of Sao Paulo, which contains the largest concentration of(More)
Muscular fatigue was studied in relation to different types of exercises. Thirty rats were divided in three groups: control, aerobic (running) and anaerobic exercises (weight lifting). Computerized measures of fatigue were done, using a special software that has the ability to generate impulses in different intensities. A fatigue index was obtained in a way(More)
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