Jorge Freire Sousa

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Open reading frame expressed sequences tags (ORESTES) differ from conventional ESTs by providing sequence data from the central protein coding portion of transcripts. We generated a total of 696,745 ORESTES sequences from 24 human tissues and used a subset of the data that correspond to a set of 15,095 full-length mRNAs as a means of assessing the(More)
Transcribed sequences in the human genome can be identified with confidence only by alignment with sequences derived from cDNAs synthesized from naturally occurring mRNAs. We constructed a set of 250,000 cDNAs that represent partial expressed gene sequences and that are biased toward the central coding regions of the resulting transcripts. They are termed(More)
Fluorescence-based capillary DNA sequencing has facilitated the early completion of several complex sequencing projects. While capillary systems offer great benefits in terms of ease of use and automation, we find that they are sufficiently different from slab gel separation methodologies, demanding re-examination of the protocols used to generate and use(More)
We extended the characterization of the DNA puff BhB10-1 gene of Bradysia hygida by showing that, although its mRNA is detected only at the end of the fourth larval instar, BhB10-1 expression is not restricted to the salivary gland, the tissue in which this gene is amplified. Different amounts of BhB10-1 mRNA were detected in other larval tissues such as(More)
Previous studies proposed that myosin-Va regulates apoptosis by sequestering pro-apoptotic Bmf to the actin cytoskeleton through dynein light chain-2 (DLC2). Adhesion loss or other cytoskeletal perturbations would unleash Bmf, allowing it to bind and inhibit pro-survival Bcl2 proteins. Here, we demonstrated that overexpression of a myosin-Va medial tail(More)
Mast cell progenitors arise in bone marrow and then migrate to peripheral tissues where they mature. It is presumed that integrin receptors are involved in their migration and homing. In the present study, the expression of various integrin subunits was investigated in three systems of adherent and nonadherent mast cells. Mesentery mast cells, freshly(More)
The wet oxidation of organic compounds to CO2 and H2O has been shown to be a very efficient technique in the outflows treatment. This work focuses on the interaction of the chemical element potassium with the catalyst MnO2-CeO2 in the wet degradation of phenol. The reaction has been carried out in an autoclave with a controlled system of agitation,(More)
STCP is the main bus operator in Oporto Metropolitan Area. The experimental phase of using fleet tracking and management systems fitted on public transport began in the late eighties, but only in 2002 the current system (SAEI) involved all the buses of the company. Nowadays, these systems are integral company management systems. In this paper, the(More)
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