Jorge F. S. Travassos da Rosa

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Following the occurrence of the first laboratory-confirmed cases of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) in Maranhao State, Brazil, rodents were trapped and rodent materials screened by ELISA for antibodies to Sin Nombre and Andes hantaviruses. Antibody-positive samples were tested by RT-PCR, amplified products were sequenced, and phylogenetic trees were(More)
32 SUMMARY A few arboviruses and related viroses have genotypic and phenotypic corollaries in both subtropical south Florida and tropical Brazil. Their occurrences in these areas may be due to intercontinental movement by viremic birds, to commerce, to convergent evolutionary pressures brought to bear by similar ecologic circumstances ar, most likely, to(More)
tion, and keep the plants g rowing all of the time. Plants which are actively growing are least susceptible to fusar ium troubles. Pota toes g rowing under irr igation is an art. By no means are the major i ty of i r r igators adepts at it. The re is a skill and judgment required that the ordinary pota to grower might develop but which he little realizes.(More)
Piagetian scales and the Bender visual motor gestalt test (BT) were applied to 28 subjects with universal 45,X Turner syndrome (TS), and their respective controls, in order to investigate their cognitive performance. Dermatoglyphics were also analyzed to obtain clues concerning embryological changes that may have appeared during development of the nervous(More)
line react ion should be obtained even when 0.6 lb. of hydra te of lime are employed for every pound of copper sulphate used. To conc lude-an alkal ine Bordeaux mixture containing 2 pa r t s of copper su lphate to 1 pa r t quick lime is more adhesive t h a n mixtures h igher in lime and is neut ra l in its action upon the plant , mix tures high in lime have(More)
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