Jorge F. Fernández Sánchez

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A new class of rhodamines for the application as indicator dyes in fluorescent pH sensors is presented. Their pH-sensitivity derives from photoinduced electron transfer between non-protonated amino groups and the excited chromophore which results in effective fluorescence quenching at increasing pH. The new indicator class carries a pentafluorophenyl group(More)
This paper presents a facile and selective method for the determination of the pharmaceutical compound nafronyl using heavy atom induced room temperature phosphorimetry (HAI-RTP) as analytical technique. The determination was performed in potassium iodide 1.6 M and sodium sulphite 0.002 M at a measurement temperature of 20 degrees C. The phosphorescence(More)
The synthesis of new phthalocyanine iron(ii) (FePc) based coordination complexes , their structural characterization by multinuclear NMR ((1)H, (13)C, (15)N, (31)P, (57)Fe), and their use as improved sensitive and cheap optical NO(2) sensors is described. delta((15)N) and delta((57)Fe) values obtained via HMQC NMR methods show an interesting trend, the(More)
We present a luminescence oxygen sensor incorporated in a wireless intraocular microrobot for minimally-invasive diagnosis. This microrobot can be accurately controlled in the intraocular cavity by applying magnetic fields. The microrobot consists of a magnetic body susceptible to magnetic fields and a sensor coating. This coating embodies Pt(II)(More)
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