Jorge Estrada

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  • Gregory Lamm, Gerlando Falauto, Jorge Estrada, Jag Gadiyaram, Daniel Cockerham
  • 2001
This paper will explore the security elements of the Bluetooth open standard conceived by Ericsson, Inc., and supported by an alliance of major information technology manufacturers including IBM, Nokia, Motorola, Intel, and others. Bluetooth's security in the areas of encryption, authentication, and communication will be overviewed and implementation(More)
Computational Quantum Chemistry has developed into a powerful, efficient, reliable and increasingly routine tool for exploring the structure and properties of small to medium sized molecules. Many thousands of calculations are performed every day, some offering results which approach experimental accuracy. However, in contrast to other disciplines, such as(More)
A novel software (VSDMIP) for the virtual screening (VS) of chemical libraries integrated within a MySQL relational database is presented. Two main features make VSDMIP clearly distinguishable from other existing computational tools: (i) its database, which stores not only ligand information but also the results from every step in the VS process, and (ii)(More)
BACKGROUND The stability of proteins is governed by the heat capacity, enthalpy and entropy changes of folding, which are strongly correlated to the change in solvent accessible surface area experienced by the polypeptide. While the surface exposed in the folded state can be easily determined, accessibilities for the unfolded state at the atomic level(More)
  • Jorge Estrada, Sarlabous Ernesto, Reinaldo Barreiro, Jorge Alejandro Pi~ Neiro Barcell
  • 1995
In this paper a system of coordinates for the eeective divisors on the Jacobian Variety of a Picard curve i s p r e s e n ted. These coordinates possess a nice geometric interpretation and provide us with an unifying environment to obtain an explicit structure of algebraic variety on the Jacobian as well as an ecient algorithm for the addition of divisors.
Molecular simulations are used in many areas of biotechnology, such as drug design and enzyme engineering. Despite the development of automatic computational protocols, analysis of molecular interactions is still a major aspect where human comprehension and intuition are key to accelerate, analyze, and propose modifications to the molecule of interest. Most(More)
  • Sergio L Mendoza, Adrienne Lam, John Paul Adigwu, Aleksander Milshteyn, Jorge Estrada, Evan Tsai +6 others
  • 2012
This paper focuses on the development and integration of the next generation Graphical User Interface (GUI) into a Semantic Information System (SIS) platform [1]. The SIS platform is originally designed by the CSULA SPACE Center 1. It allows for collaboration between multiple users in a dynamic environment, facilitating users' ability to generate metadata(More)
  • Evan Tsai, Gabriel Nunéz, Aleksander Milshteyn, Jorge Estrada, Adrienne Lam, Sergio Mendoza +5 others
  • 2011
This paper focuses on the modeling of the Semantic Information System (SIS) Network with Ubiquitous Video Conferencing (UVC) multicasting applications in the Unified Modeling Language (UML) format. The UML diagrams present detailed visualizations and the representation of the SIS Network's architecture, component functionality and interdependency. The(More)
— In this paper, we show that the reduction of divisors in the Jacobian of a curve C can be performed by considering the intersections of a suitable projective model of C with quadrics in projective space. We apply this idea to certain projective model of elliptic and hyperelliptic curves on one hand, and to the canonical model of C ab curves on the other(More)
A computer-based system that automates sleep studies, including sleep deprivation paradigms, is described. The system allows for total or REM-specific sleep deprivation and is based on a reliable, fast-responding, on-line state detection algorithm linked to a dependable intervention device. Behavioral state detection is achieved by dimension reduction of(More)