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A novel software (VSDMIP) for the virtual screening (VS) of chemical libraries integrated within a MySQL relational database is presented. Two main features make VSDMIP clearly distinguishable from other existing computational tools: (i) its database, which stores not only ligand information but also the results from every step in the VS process, and (ii)(More)
Gaucher disease (GD) is a disorder of glycosphinglipid metabolism caused by deficiency of lysosomal acid beta-glucosidase (GC), resulting in progressive deposition of glucosylceramide in macrophages. The glucose analogue, N-butyl-deoxynojirimycin (NB-DNJ, Miglustat), is an inhibitor of the ceramide-specific glucosyltransferase (CSG) which catalyzes the(More)
BACKGROUND The stability of proteins is governed by the heat capacity, enthalpy and entropy changes of folding, which are strongly correlated to the change in solvent accessible surface area experienced by the polypeptide. While the surface exposed in the folded state can be easily determined, accessibilities for the unfolded state at the atomic level(More)
Computational Quantum Chemistry has developed into a powerful, efficient, reliable and increasingly routine tool for exploring the structure and properties of small to medium sized molecules. Many thousands of calculations are performed every day, some offering results which approach experimental accuracy. However, in contrast to other disciplines, such as(More)
Although core residues can sometimes be replaced by shorter ones without introducing significant changes in protein structure, the energetic consequences are typically large and destabilizing. Many efforts have been devoted to understand and predict changes in stability from analysis of the environment of mutated residues, but the relationships proposed for(More)
In many cases the stability of a protein has to be increased to permit its biotechnological use. Rational methods of protein stabilization based on optimizing electrostatic interactions have provided some fine successful predictions. However, the precise calculation of stabilization energies remains challenging, one reason being that the electrostatic(More)
A computer-based system that automates sleep studies, including sleep deprivation paradigms, is described. The system allows for total or REM-specific sleep deprivation and is based on a reliable, fast-responding, on-line state detection algorithm linked to a dependable intervention device. Behavioral state detection is achieved by dimension reduction of(More)
Molecular simulations are used in many areas of biotechnology, such as drug design and enzyme engineering. Despite the development of automatic computational protocols, analysis of molecular interactions is still a major aspect where human comprehension and intuition are key to accelerate, analyze, and propose modifications to the molecule of interest. Most(More)
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