Jorge Esparteiro Garcia

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Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) provides another way of thinking about program structure that allows developers to separate and modularize concerns like crosscutting concerns. These concerns are maintained in aspects that allows to easily maintain both the core and crosscutting concerns. Much research on this area has been done focused on traditional(More)
In the context of SaaS, where the change requests can be frequent, there is the need for a systematic requirements management process so as to maintain requirements updated and ease the management of changes required to improve the service to provide. Changes to perform need to be prioritized and their impact on the system should be assessed. The extraction(More)
Software quality is a major concern in software engineering, particularly when we are dealing with software services that must be available 24 hours a day, please the customer and be kept permanently. In software engineering, requirements management is one of the most important tasks that can influence the success of a software project. Maintain(More)
Mostly of today’s computer users interact with the software through a graphical user interface (GUI). In software engineering, software testing and quality have become a topic of major concern. Software testing is today an important stage in software projects and GUI testing is also crucial to the solution ́s quality. Nevertheless, GUI testing is not an(More)
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