Jorge Ernesto de Araújo Mariath

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Castor bean (Ricinus communis) oil contains ricinoleic acid-rich triacylglycerols (TAGs). As a result of its physical and chemical properties, castor oil and its derivatives are used for numerous(More)
The late stages of microsporogenesis in the family Cyperaceae are marked by the formation of an asymmetrical tetrad, degeneration of three of the four nuclei resulting from meiosis and the formation(More)
Adventitious rooting (AR) is essential in clonal propagation. Eucalyptus globulus is relevant for the cellulose industry due to its low lignin content. However, several useful clones are recalcitrant(More)
Adventitious roots (ARs) emerge from stems, leaves or hypocotyls, being strategic for clonal propagation. ARs may develop spontaneously, upon environmental stress or hormonal treatment. Auxins(More)
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