Jorge Delacerda

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PURPOSE Cell lines have become an essential component for the investigation of cancer. We have developed a panel of cell lines derived from human urothelial cancers and we describe some of their important characteristics. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten human urothelial cancer cell lines were characterized by their growth in athymic nude mice, CAR expression(More)
Extensive reprogramming of cellular energy metabolism is a hallmark of cancer. Despite its importance, the molecular mechanism controlling this tumour metabolic shift remains not fully understood. Here we show that 14-3-3σ regulates cancer metabolic reprogramming and protects cells from tumorigenic transformation. 14-3-3σ opposes tumour-promoting metabolic(More)
The primary form of therapy for prostate cancer is androgen ablation resulting in apoptosis and expression of apoptotic genes (i.e. par-4). Prostate cancer cells that survive androgen ablation therapy express pro-survival genes (i.e. bcl-2) permitting these androgen independent (AI) cells to overcome apoptotic signals and proliferate in the absence of(More)
The understanding of how hypoxia stabilizes and activates HIF1α in the nucleus with related oncogenic signals could revolutionize targeted therapy for cancers. Here, we find that histone H2AX displays oncogenic activity by serving as a crucial regulator of HIF1α signalling. H2AX interacts with HIF1α to prevent its degradation and nuclear export in order to(More)
PURPOSE The ability to produce precisely targeted beams as small as 1 mm necessitates the understanding and management of intra-fraction motion. This study evaluated lung motion in free-breathing mice and compared free-breathing imaging (3D and 4D reconstruction) to breath-hold imaging for use in treatment planning. METHODS Five mice were imaged weekly(More)
PURPOSE IGRT tools are most useful when registering similar datasets. In particular it is difficult to automatically register reference MR images with treatment CT or CBCT images. We proposed to create a pseudo CT from the reference MR images and to register the pseudo CT to the treatment CT. METHODS Two mice were sacrificed and immobilized on a rigid(More)
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