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Spherule deposits in Cretaceous–Tertiary boundary sediments in Belize and Guatemala
Large spheroid deposits at Albion Island and Armenia in northern and central Belize and the spherule deposits of southern Belize and eastern Guatemala have the same glass origin based on the presenceExpand
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A 2.3-GHz CMOS High- Q Bandpass Filter Design using an Active Inductor
A 2 nd order RF bandpass filter with high- Q active inductor and tunable frequency !R is presented. The active inductor is realized with a gyrator topology. The gyrator trans- forms intrinsicExpand
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The cretaceous-tertiary (K/T) transition in the northern part of Latin America : Evidence for a multi-event scenario
We examined the stratigraphy, lithology, and the depositional environment of supposed impact ejecta and megatsunami deposits from Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Haiti and northeastern Brazil. OurExpand
Ionic conductivity and dielectric response of dehydrated zeolites
A classical hopping model is applied to cation motion in zeolites. Fifteen dielectric relaxation modes and non-zero conductivity are found in zeolite NaA. Using data from previous molecular dynamicsExpand
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Surface ozone measurements at Taliarte, Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain)
From December 1990 tropospheric ozone concentrations have been measured at Taliarte station (Gran Canaria, Canary Islands). Taliarte’s measurements are of great interest because of its proximity toExpand
The Coban Formation in the Peten Basin, Guatemala
The Coban Formation of Cretaceous age is known from well data in both North and South Peten subbasins. These subbasins are separated by the east-west trending Arco de la Libertad. Four lithologicExpand
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