Jorge Chávez-Villalba

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The pearl industry in French Polynesia is based on exploitation of natural stocks of the blacklip pearl oyster (Pinctada margaritifera). It generates an annual turnover of €90 million. Improvements in pearl quality need genetic studies to improve the populations. This pearl oyster is a protandric species, in which the sex ratio normally is biased toward(More)
This is the first record of the copepod Pseudomyicola spinosus in the scallop Argopecten ventricosus in northwestern Mexico, and describes: (1) the known annual prevalence and intensity of this copepod on scallops from culture sites (Gulf of California) and natural populations (Pacific coast), (2) the histopathological effects caused on the soft tissues of(More)
The progress of gametogenesis was studied in oysters Crassostrea gigas having the same origin (Tremblade), but cultured during 1 year in two distinctive French marine areas, the Baie des Veys and Marennes-Oléron. We assessed seasonal changes in the reproduction cycle on the basis of stereological techniques to estimate reproductive investment and(More)
The Pacific or Japanese oyster, Crassostrea gigas, was introduced into Ecuador in 1990; however, little is known about its cultivation in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. This study analyzes growth and the influence of environmental factors on two cohorts of C. gigas held in pearl nets suspended from a long line, in Ayangue Bay, Santa Elena Province, Ecuador.(More)
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