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The case of a girl with a large cystic subependymoma of the lateral ventricle is reported. The tumor, which did not cause hydrocephalus, was attached to the wall of the frontal horn and grew out of the ventricular system extending into the anterior cranial fossa and the orbital cavity. Despite some typical features exhibited by the lesion, its true nature(More)
Background.  The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of anti-hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibodies (Abs) and active HCV infection in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected (HIV+) patients in Spain in 2015. This was a cross-sectional study. Methods.  The study was performed in 41 centers in 2015. Sample size was estimated for an accuracy of(More)
A computer-generated virtual model has been developed that reconstructs the head in three dimensions from digitalized images obtained with magnetic resonance and computerized tomography. Through programming and the use of commercial graphic animation software, we have developed the whole process of the rotation of the head on different spatial planes. The(More)
INTRODUCTION In general, HIV co-infected patients included in clinical trials evaluating the hepatitis C virus (HCV) therapy with telaprevir (TVR) or boceprevir (BOC) with advanced fibrosis, are scarce. We analyze data concerning the use of these drugs in a real-life clinical setting with patients affected by a more advanced degree of fibrosis in a Spanish(More)
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