Jorge Cardenas

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During the period of the Transatlantic Slave Trade (TAST) some enslaved Africans were forced to move to Upper Peru (nowadays Bolivia). At first they were sent to Potosí, but later to the tropical Yungas valley where the Spanish colonizers established a so-called "hacienda system" that was based on slave labor, including African-descendants. Due to their(More)
The inter-area oscillation between large interconnected power systems is a common problem worldwide, where the generators of the interconnected systems oscillate against each other causing power flow and frequency oscillations on the tie lines, in a low frequency range of 0.1–0.7 Hz. This type of oscillations not only limits the amount of power(More)
Students drop classes for many reasons. Some are personal such as medical conditions, family issues, or financial difficulties. Others are course specific such as course contents, instructor, or classmates. In either way, class drop is a serious problem to institutions because without students there will be no students learning. As a first step to(More)
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