Jorge Cabral

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BACKGROUND The purpose of this paper is to describe and analyze the professional expectations of medical students during the 2007-2008 academic year at the public medical schools of Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique, and to identify their social and geographical origins, their professional expectations and difficulties relating to their education and(More)
The health services system of Timor-Leste (T-L) will, by 2015, add 800 physicians, most of them trained in Cuba, to the 233 employed by the national health system in 2010-2011. The need for more physicians is not in discussion: poor health indicators, low coverage and utilization of services, and poor quality of services are well documented in T-L. However,(More)
As pointed at LIVESTRONG.COM, Olympic weightlifters are quite possibly the strongest and most skilled lifters on earth. The ability to put nearly 300 kg over head or clean and jerk three times their bodyweight is feat of strength unmatched in other sports. While this takes years of dedicated training, diet is also critical as optimal nutrition is essential(More)
Virtualization has been used as the de facto technology to allow multiple operating systems (virtual machines) to run on top of the same hardware platform. In the embedded systems domain, virtualization research has focused on the coexistence of real-time requirements with non-real-time characteristics. However, existent standard software-based(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks are an emerging technology which has been recently adopted in many applications. Due to its wireless nature, the analysis of the radio propagation models plays an important role for performance evaluation in both theoretical and practical aspects. In this regards, path loss exponent is one of the most important parameter which has(More)
Population aging and increasing pressure on health systems are two issues that demand solutions. Involving and empowering citizens as active managers of their health represents a desirable shift from the current culture mainly focused on treatment of disease, to one also focused on continuous health management and well-being. Current developments in(More)
The usage and deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is rapidly increasing in many different monitoring and control applications. In the majority of these applications, energy is a key factor in sensor networks since the sensor nodes are battery powered and hence have limited resources of energy. In this context, choosing a proper energy-efficient(More)
RodosVisor is an object-oriented and bare-metal virtual machine monitor (VMM) or hypervisor designed for the aerospace industry, mainly to provide time and spatial separation to the NetworkCentric core avionics machine, Montenegro and Dittrich (2009). The NetworkCentric core avionics machine consists of several harmonized components working together to(More)
The pervasive use of embedded computing systems in modern societies altogether with the industry trend towards consolidating workloads, openness and interconnectedness, have raised security, safety, and real-time concerns. Virtualization has been used as an enabler for safety and security, but research works have proven that it must be extended and improved(More)