Jorge Bustamante

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We present a general approach to obtain direct and inverse results for approximation in Hölder norms. This approach is used to obtain a collection of new results related with estimates of the best polynomial approximation and with the approximation by linear operators of non-periodic functions in Hölder norms. © 2005 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
OBJECTIVE Our objective is to present and asses the utility of three-dimensional (3D) intraoperative imaging as a teaching method for anterior circulation aneurysm surgery. METHODS The senior author's experience in anterior circulation aneurysm surgery during a 28-month period was documented and processed as 3D images and compared with two-dimensional(More)
This paper is an introductory approach to several approximation problems of periodic functions in connectionwith Fourier series, Lipschitz functions and related topics. Traditional results in this context are presented and discussed in the first two sections. Further, we introduce certain Hölder spaces of integrable functions that become homogeneous Banach(More)
For a given θ ∈ (a, b), we investigate the question whether there exists a positive quadrature formula with maximal degree of precision which has the prescribed abscissa θ plus possibly a and/or b, the endpoints of the interval of integration. This study relies on recent results on the location of roots of quasi-orthogonal polynomials. The above positive(More)