Jorge Bustamante

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  • Jorge Bustamante, José M Quesada, Reinaldo Martínez-Cruz, Jonathan Breuer, Eugene Strahov, David Kalaj +7 others
  • 2012
A universality theorem for ratios of random characteristic polynomials Original Research Article Pages 803-814 Stolz angle limit of a certain class of self-mappings of the unit disk Original Research Article Pages 815-822 A generalization of the Riesz–Fischer theorem and linear summability methods Original Research Article Pages 841-853
For a given θ ∈ (a, b), we investigate the question whether there exists a positive quadrature formula with maximal degree of precision which has the prescribed abscissa θ plus possibly a and/or b, the endpoints of the interval of integration. This study relies on recent results on the location of roots of quasi-orthogonal polynomials. The above positive(More)
  • Javier José, Guadalupe Hern´andez, Luis Español, Juan L Varona, Jorge Bustamante, Y Miguel +1 other
  • 2001
This paper is an introductory approach to several approximation problems of periodic functions in connection with Fourier series, Lipschitz functions and related topics. Traditional results in this context are presented and discussed in the first two sections. Further, we introduce certain Hölder spaces of integrable functions that become homogeneous Banach(More)