Jorge Bejarano

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OBJECTIVE To validate the Spanish version of the CAM-ICU. DESIGN Validation study. The inter-rater reliability and validity were evaluated using a blind comparison with the DSM-IVTR criteria (reference standard) in a group of patients hospitalized in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). SETTING Medical-surgical ICU. PATIENTS 129 adults with RASS >-4 score,(More)
Saphenous vein bypass grafts permeability is one of the most important limitations of open heart surgery. The risks associated with surgical re-intervention are greater than those associated with the initial procedure. While native coronary arteries usually have fixed, fibrotic or calcified atherosclerotic plaques, the disease in the vein grafts contains(More)
Extraordinary advances have been made in the prevention, medical treatment, and the surgical and percutaneous intervention of coronary artery disease. However, despite the vast contribution of coronary artery stenting, coronary artery disease remains a major health problem. The massive treatment of symptomatic coronary artery disease with non-drug-eluting(More)
OBJECTIVE With the increased use of intracoronary stents, in-stent restenosis has become a clinically significant drawback in invasive cardiology. We retrospectively assessed the short- and long-term outcomes after excimer laser coronary angioplasty of in-stent restenosis. METHODS Twenty-five patients with 33 incidents of in-stent restenosis treated with(More)
The Colombian government has a history of over ten years in promoting the culture of electronic services and delivery of public value to their citizens by using ICT. Continuing these policies, through the Special Agreement of Cooperation between the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL) and the Fondo de Tecnologías del Ministerio de Tecnologías(More)