Jorge Badenas

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This paper presents new algorithms to identify and eliminate mislabelled, noisy and atypical training samples for supervised learning and more specifically, for nearest neighbour classification. The main goal of these approaches is to enhance the classification accuracy by improving the quality of the training data. Several experiments with synthetic and(More)
In this work we report the possibility that oocyte immaturity is associated with premature chromosome condensation (PCC) after in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Using a murine model, we have related PCC and endoreduplicated-like oocytes to oocyte immaturity as a basis for a prognosis in oocyte immaturity problems. The cytogenetic analysis was performed in 511(More)
This paper is concerned with an eecient estimation and seg-mentation of 2-D motion from image sequences, with the focus on traac monitoring applications. In order to reduce the computational load and facilitate real-time implementation, the proposed approach m a k es use of simplifying assumptions that the camera is stationary and that the projection of(More)
It has been suggested that the abnormal maturation of the human oocyte during fertilization in vitro may result in chromosome imbalance and induce embryonic loss. Using a mouse model, we have studied the influence of the degree of oocyte maturation (either immaturity or overmaturity) on the chromosome characteristics of embryos at the first-cleavage(More)
This paper 1 describes a method for tracking regions in image sequences. Regions segmented from each frame by a motion segmentation technique are matched by using a relaxation procedure. Matching is based on measuring the similarity of the regions from the current frame and a list of regions corresponding to objects. A Kalman filter is used in order to(More)
The use of human material does not allow the determination of the influence of different parameters on the genetic characteristics of the embryos derived from in-vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques. Using a murine model we assessed the effect of gamete manipulation, maternal age and oocyte ageing on the chromosome complements of the embryos. We have found(More)
Image registration is a problem that arises in many image processing applications whenever information from two or more scenes have to be aligned. In image registration the use of an adequate measure of alignment is a crucial issue. Current techniques are classified in two broad categories: area based and feature based. All methods include some similarity(More)