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This chapter is devoted to the design of robots, with a focus on serial architectures. In this regard , we start by proposing a stepwise design procedure; then, we recall the main issues in robot design. These issues pertain to workspace geometry, the kinetostatic, the dynamic, the elas-tostatic, and elastodynamic performance. In doing this, the mathematics(More)
The dynamics equations governing the motion of mechanical systems composed of rigid bodies coupled by holonomic and nonholonomic constraints are derived. The underlying method is based on a natural orthogonal complement of the matrix associated with the velocity constraint equations written in linear homogeneous form. The method is applied to the classical(More)
Space manipulators mounted on a on-o thruster-controlled b ase are envisioned to assist in the assembly and maintenance o f s p ace structures. When handling large payloads, manipulator joint and link ex-ibility become important, for it can result in payload-attitude controller fuel-replenishing dynamic interactions. In this paper, the dynamic behavior of a(More)