Jorge Alvarez-Lozano

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Bipolar Disorder is a disease that is manifested with cycling periods of polar episodes, namely mania and depression. Depressive episodes are manifested through disturbed mood, psychomotor retardation, behaviour change, decrease in energy levels and length of sleep. Manic episodes are manifested through elevated mood, psychomotor acceleration and increase(More)
User location forecasting is central to establish context in proactive mobile applications. Knowing where the user will be at a given time enables standby action triggers ahead of time. User location exhibits periodic patterns grouped by time of day, day of the week, month of the year, etc. This characteristic has been exploited to model user location as a(More)
Predicting the location of a mobile user in the near future can be used for a very large number of user-centered or crowd-centered ubiquitous applications. It is convenient for the discussion to think in terms of discrete locations driven by Points of Interest (POI) instead of absolute positions. We postulate that POI sequences are Markovian once the data(More)
As we advance towards an Internet of Things (IoT), it becomes necessary to conceive new forms of interaction between people and the everyday objects that surround them. A world full of internetworked objects with sensing capabilities requires effective tools in order to interpret contextual data gathered from the environment and services provided by smart(More)
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