Jorge Almeida

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In this paper we characterize the congruence associated to the direct sum of all irreducible representations of a finite semigroup over an arbitrary field, generalizing results of Rhodes for the field of complex numbers. Applications are given to obtain many new results, as well as easier proofs of several results in the literature, involving:(More)
Several algorithmic problems for pseudovarieties and their relationships are studied. This includes the usual membership problem and the computability of pointlike subsets of nite semi-groups. Some of these problems aaord equivalent formulations involving topological separation properties in free proonite semigroups. Several examples are considered and, as(More)
We conjecture a Fibonacci-like property on the number of numerical semigroups of a given genus. Moreover we conjecture that the associated quotient sequence approaches the golden ratio. The conjecture is motivated by the results on the number of semigroups of genus at most 50. The Wilf conjecture has also been checked for all numerical semigroups with genus(More)