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Phylogenetic Relationships and Species Delimitation in Pinus Section Trifoliae Inferrred from Plastid DNA
Recent diversification followed by secondary contact and hybridization may explain complex patterns of intra- and interspecific morphological and genetic variation in the North American hard pinesExpand
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Cross-species transferability of eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) nuclear microsatellite markers to five Mexican white pines.
We examined cross-species transferability and usefulness of six nuclear microsatellite markers developed in consubgeneric eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) with regard to ecologically andExpand
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Pinus georginae (Pinaceae), a new species from western Jalisco, Mexico
Pinus georginae is described and illustrated as a new endemic species from the valleys in the southern basin of Río Ameca, Jalisco, western Mexico. It is closely related to Pinus praetermissa;Expand