Jorge Alberto Castañón González

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This paper presents a mathematical-computational toy model based on the assumed dynamic principles of prebiotic peptide evolution. Starting from a pool of amino acid monomers, the model describes in a generalized manner the generation of peptides and their sequential information. The model integrates the intrinsic and dynamic key elements of the initiation(More)
In accordance with the second law of thermodynamics, the Universe as a whole tends to higher entropy. However, the sequence of far-from-equilibrium events that led to the emergence of life on Earth could have imposed order and complexity during the course of chemical reactions in the so-called primordial soup of life. Hence, we may expect to find(More)
Sixteen patients with acute optic neuritis were studied, and randomized into two groups of treatment. Group I was assigned to in hospital treatment with intravenous methylprednisolone 500 mg Q8 hours for 10 doses, followed by oral prednisone for two weeks and tapering doses thereafter. Group II was treated with oral prednisone one mg per kilogram of body(More)
Date of acceptance: 08-05-2014 Dear Mr. Editor: Those who live the work overload at Emergency Departments subjectively can determine if there is overcrowding or not. The creation of different saturation indices is intended to determine, based on facts, the degree of overcrowding, in order to start a series of actions and protocols to implement a strategic(More)
Six patients with gastrointestinal fistulae treated with a potent inhibitor of gastrointestinal hormones, the somatostatin analogue SMS 201-995 are reported. All patients had severe intraabdominal diseases and underwent a mean of 3.5 surgery procedures during their hospital stay. When the patients were analyzed individually a mean reduction of 42.5% (P <(More)
This work attempts to rationalize the possible prebiotic profile of the first dipeptides of about 4 billion years ago based on a computational discrete dynamic system that uses the final yields of the dipeptides obtained in Rode's experiments of salt-induced peptide formation (Rode et al., 1999, Peptides 20: 773-786). The system built a prebiotic scenario(More)
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