Jorge Alberto Castañón-González

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In the recent decades, antibacterial peptides have occupied a strategic position for pharmaceutical drug applications and became subject of intense research activities since they are used to strengthen the immune system of all living organisms by protecting them from pathogenic bacteria. This work proposes a simple and easy statistical/computational method(More)
Typhoid fever remains a serious public health problem. We have developed a vaccine from Salmonella enterica serovar typhi (S. typhi) outer-membrane proteins (OMPs) known as porins. A single subcutaneous dose of 10 microg of porins induced a five-fold (P = 0.05) seroconversion index consisting of IgM and IgG at 7 and 15 days after vaccination as well as the(More)
Familial Mediterranean fever (MFF) is an autosomic recessive, inherited inflammatory disease principally seen in persons from the Mediterranean area. Clinical findings include fever, abdominal pain, and pleuritis. The most severe complication of MFF is renal amyloidosis, manifested as nephrotic syndrome, which evolves into chronic renal failure. In this(More)
Selective antibacterial peptides containing less than 30 amino acid residues, cationic, with amphipathic properties, have been the subject of several studies due to their active participation and beneficial effects in strengthening the immune system of all living organisms. This manuscript reports the results of a comparison between the group of selective(More)
INTRODUCTION Overcrowd of emergency rooms affects efficiency and quality of medical care. OBJECTIVES To describe the mathematical-computational system modified overcrowd index which measures in real time and in four levels of warnings (non crowded, crowded, overcrowded and extreme overcrowded) emergency room saturation in a network of hospitals, from only(More)
Antimicrobial peptides occupy a prominent place in the production of pharmaceuticals, because of their effective contribution to the protection of the immune system against almost all types of pathogens. These peptides are thoroughly studied by computational methods designed to shed light on their main functions. In this paper, we propose a computational(More)
With the multiple advances in the field of medicine and the resulting increase in life expectancy, the population pyramid is showing a tendency towards inversion; each day it becomes more feasible to surgically treat elderly patients. These patients represent a challenge not only because of the comorbidity that generally is associated with the elderly(More)
A severe respiratory disease epidemic outbreak correlates with a high demand of specific supplies and specialized personnel to hold it back in a wide region or set of regions; these supplies would be beds, storage areas, hemodynamic monitors, and mechanical ventilators, as well as physicians, respiratory technicians, and specialized nurses. We describe an(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate that pentoxifylline (PTX) and not placebo improves oxygen consumption (VO2) in critically ill patients with severe sepsis. SETTING Multidisciplinary intensive care unit in a university affiliated hospital. DESIGN A randomized, double blinded clinical trial comparing 300 mg of PTX administered in a 120 min iv infusion with an(More)
The lipoproteins are an important group of cargo proteins known for their unique capability to transport lipids. By applying the Polarity index algorithm, which has a metric that only considers the polar profile of the linear sequences of the lipoprotein group, we obtained an analytical and structural differentiation of all the lipoproteins found in UniProt(More)