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BACKGROUND Chronic low back pain is considered as a high-impact condition that affects the working population of Latin America, with long reaching social and economic repercussions. Its true frequency is unknown due to the absence of well-designed clinical trials that use standardized definitions and criteria. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the prevalence of(More)
Since its conception, proof-carrying code (PCC) woke up the interest of the research community and several methods based on this technique were developed. This technique guarantees that untrusted programs run safely in a host machine. In a PCC framework, the code producer equips the produced code with a formal proof establishing that the code satisfies the(More)
This article presents an application of a procedure to invert the high-frequency radiation process at the source during the 1995 Hyogo-ken Nanbu earthquake using the envelopes of acceleration waveforms from 16 stations. The inversion uses genetic algorithms that compare observed ground motions with synthetic ones calculated using empirical Green's(More)
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