Jorge A. T. Gomes

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1 Instituto de F́ısica de Cantabria (CSIC),Santander, Spain 2 Instituto de F́ısica Corpuscular(CSIC),Valencia, Spain 3 RedIris(CSIC),Madrid, Spain 4 Laboratorio de Instrumentacao e Fisica de Particulas, Lisbon, Portugal 5 Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GMBH, Germany 6 Akademickie Centrum Komputerowe CYFRONET, Krakow, Poland 7 Poznan Supercomputing and(More)
The Certification Authority Coordination Group in the European DataGrid project has created a unique large-scale Public Key Infrastructure and the policies and procedures to operate it successfully. The infrastructure demonstrates interoperability of multiple certification authorities (CAs) with various technical resources in a novel system of(More)
In this article we present the strategies foreseen to foster the usage of the Iberian production infrastructure by regional scientific communities. The main focus is on describing the user support mechanisms implemented through a cooperative effort from the Portuguese and Spanish user support teams, and on the services and tools offered to the regional user(More)
The European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) is providing a sustainable pan–European Computing Grid to support e–Science, integrating more than 350 computing resource centers worldwide. One of its main challenges is that the middleware driving this production infrastructure is constantly evolving, as it adapts to the changing needs of the EGI Community. Since the(More)
The European Grid Initiative (EGI) provides a sustainable pan-European Grid computing infrastructure for e-Science based on a network of regional and national Grids. The middleware driving this production infrastructure is constantly adapted to the changing needs of the EGI Community by deploying new features and phasing out other features and components(More)
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