Jorge A Negroni

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Computer simulation of left ventricular contraction was used to analyze the mean left ventricular pressure-mean flow relation with changes of parameter values: end-diastolic volume, contractile state, internal resistance, characteristic resistance, capacitance, end-diastolic stiffness, and heart rate and with changes of experimental conditions: filling(More)
INTRODUCTION Sulfonylureas have been associated with a high incidence of cardiovascular death in diabetic patients treated with these drugs. Although the evidence on the cardiovascular effects of sulfonylureas is contradictory and scarce, many experiments have shown that the second-generation compound glibenclamide has a protective effect on mechanical(More)
We have recently reported that in chronic myocardial ischemia, adult mammalian cardiomyocytes express P-glycoprotein (P-gp). We now investigate if P-gp is also expressed in acute regional ischemia followed by reperfusion. Adult conscious sheep underwent 12-min occlusion of the mid-left anterior descending artery (inflatable cuff). Successful(More)
The force-frequency relationship has intrigued researchers since its discovery by Bowditch in 1871. Many attempts have been made to construct mathematical descriptions of this phenomenon, beginning with the simple formulation of Koch-Wesser and Blinks in 1963 to the most sophisticated ones of today. This property of cardiac muscle is amplified by(More)
The performance in one trial passive avoidance learning and the degree of activity were determined in adulthood, from neonatal hormone treated and intact rats. Activity was measured in the same environmental conditions in which the learning test takes place, i.e., shuttle box unequally illuminated. The treated groups were androgenized females and castrated(More)
See article by Papp et al. [10] (pages 396–405) in this issue. Ischemic preconditioning is a natural mechanism by which brief periods of ischemia–reperfusion initiate a complex cascade of events that culminate in the protection of the heart against a subsequent sustained ischemia, reducing infarct size, postischemic dysfunction, and the incidence of(More)
The degree of activity and the performance in active avoidance learning were determined in adulthood, from neonatal hormone treated and intact rats. The treated groups were androgenized females and castrated males and females. Normal males and females composed the intact groups. Activity was measured in two tests situations, i.e., open field and shuttle(More)
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