Jorg Stadler

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Nitrate reductase activity (NRA), nitrate content and biomass components of leaflets, leaf stalks, old stem, current-year stem and roots of ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior L.) growing in their natural habitats were investigated. In addition, NRA, total nitrogen and nitrate concentration were analyzed in the leaves and roots of ash trees from four different(More)
We demonstrate experimentally and theoretically that a parabolic mirror (PM) with a high numerical aperture (NA) of 1 focuses a radially polarized laser mode to the smallest diffraction-limited spot at a fixed NA and wavelength, having an area of 0.134 lambda(2). The measurements were performed with a confocal microscope, using the PM as a focusing and(More)
The tropical–temperate interface of the southern Neotropics harbours an interdigitating array of biomes (Puna, Monte, Chaco, Yungas). This topographic and climatically complex region needs urgent conservation efforts, as it is being transformed by human activities at an accelerating pace. We analyse georeferenced field records of mammal species in(More)
Fractals are self-similar and scale-invariant patterns found ubiquitously in nature. A lot of evidences implying fractal properties such as 1/f power spectrums have been also observed in resting state fMRI time series. While the traditional model of fractal behavior in resting state fMRI has been a fractional Gaussian noise, it is limited to describe the(More)
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