Jorg Schnorr

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RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Preclinical in-vivo characterization of a newly developed MR contrast medium consisting of very small superparamagnetic iron oxide particles (VSOP) coated with citrate (VSOP-C184). METHODS VSOP-C184 (core diameter: 4 nm; total diameter: 8.6 nm; relaxivities in water at 0.94 T (T1) 20.1 and (T2) 37.1 l/[mmol*sec]) was investigated(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVE A vascular stent constructed as a high frequency resonator improves the local signal-to-noise ratio at magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. After catheter placement and intravascular expansion, the stent can be used as an inductively coupled coil for MRI. The imaging properties of this balloon-expandable active MRI stent (AMRIS) were(More)
To evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of image-guided periarterial ethanol injection as an alternative to transluminal radiofrequency ablation. Unilateral renal periarterial ethanol injection was performed under general anesthesia in 6 pigs with the contralateral kidney serving as control. All interventions were performed in an open 1.0 T MRI system(More)
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