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The incidence of periendothelial (epi, inter- and subendothelial) round cells in en face endothelium-intima preparations and cross-sections of swine aortas was determined. The round cell count of Sudan-positive and -negative intimal areas of thoracic and abdominal aortas of animals fed an atherogenic diet was compared with Sudan-negative areas of animals on(More)
INTRODUCTION The prostate cancer volume (PCvol) is described as a significant predictor for tumor progression after radical prostatectomy, but its determination has not become a routine procedure yet due to high demands on technical standards, labor intensity, and costs. The objective of this study is to predict the PCvol by using common preoperative(More)
Of 223 histologically examined aortas of rabbits 24 showed spontaneous calcifying medial sclerosis. Spontaneous lesions found in the aorta of rabbits are histologically similar to those in other mammals and experimentally induced lesions following the action of vitamin D, adrenalin and orthostatic collaps as well as lesions of the arteriopathia calcificans(More)
In vitro labeling of arterial wall samples from domestic swine with tritiated thymidine or proline was used to establish the effect of unsaturated (sunflower oil) or saturated (beef tallow) fatty acids in the presence of enteral cholesterol on DNA and collagen synthesis. Histoautoradiography of samples incubated in vitro gives labeling patterns and indices(More)
  • J Massmann
  • 1986
In a survey the essential cellular and extracellular structural changes in the regression of experimentally induced changes of the arteries and their functional importance are discussed. All animal experiments show that early changes such as lipidosis and proliferation of the intima are totally reversible and more advanced atheroma-like stages of the(More)
16 three-month-old female pigs were divided into 3 groups. 6 animals received a semi-synthetic diet containing 15% sunflower oil (g/100 g food) and 1.25% cholesterol (SF group). In 6 animals the sunflower oil was replaced by beef tallow (BT group). 4 control animals 1.5% sunflower oil and without cholesterol. The serum cholesterol levels of the SF group(More)
Under atherogenic diet in the pig changes of the intima developed in predisposed places of the arteries which have close relations to the atherogenesis in man. 4 months after the end of a 4-month atherogenic diet no decisive regression of lipid infiltrates could be established in spontaneous thickenings of the intima, however, signs of a lipid mobilisation.