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Comparative data on the occupational health systems in different countries are lacking to a very great extent. This is illustrated here with the data from six European countries of participants of the workshop. On the basis of available data and various developments in the countries and the EC, it is concluded that in some countries the coverage of the(More)
Pneumatic compression and cryotherapy have been successfully being employed in the management of acute tissue damage. The Game Ready System (GRS) combines cyclic compression and cryotherapy. No randomised controlled trial has been performed on the effects of combined cyclic compression and cryotherapy in total hip arthroplasty (THA). We observed(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE We studied whether changes in less invasive, noncalibrated pulse-contour cardiac output (by modified ModelFlow, COmf) and derived stroke volume variations (SVV), as well as systolic and pulse pressure variations, predict changes in bolus thermodilution cardiac output (COtd), evoked by continuous and cyclic increases in intrathoracic(More)
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