Jordy F Gosselt

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This paper describes a usability study of the Nedap voting machine in the Netherlands. On the day of the national elections, 566 voters participated in our study immediately after having cast their real vote. The research focused on the correspondence between voter intents and voting results, distinguishing between usability (correspondence between voter(More)
Based on the existing literature, relevant determinants of availability for on-premises locations, off-premises locations, and the Internet were qualitatively explored and categorized by "experts" consisting of underage alcohol purchasers. In total, 14 focus group discussions were conducted with 94 Dutch adolescents. For on-premises locations, the high(More)
BACKGROUND Availability is an important predictor of early and excessive alcohol consumption by adolescents. Many countries have implemented age limits to prevent underage purchases of alcohol. However, shop-floor compliance with these age limits appears to be problematic. This study addresses the issue of non-compliance with age limits. Which measures do(More)
Despite their unmistakable advantages, the use of voting machines in elections is a topic of vivid debates. This article focuses on the experiences of voters using three types of voting equipment: (a) a paper ballot, (b) a voting machine, and (c) a voting machine with paper audit trail. An independent-groups experiment was conducted in which voters had to(More)
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