Jordon Phillips

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An issue of critical importance to both robots and biological creatures is the efficient use of the limited resources available for survival. One strategy employed by higher animals is the focusing of attention onto the few items, e.g., percepts, salient to reaching the current goals, and ignoring distracting input. In these animals, the pre-frontal cortex(More)
Software data structures are a critical aspect of emerging data-centric applications which makes it imperative to improve the energy efficiency of data delivery. We propose SQRL, a hardware accelerator that integrates with the last-level-cache (LLC) and enables energy-efficient iterative computation on data structures. SQRL integrates a data(More)
Embodied interaction has the potential to provide users with uniquely engaging and meaningful experiences. m+m: Movement + Meaning middleware is an open source software framework that enables users to construct real-time, interactive systems that are based on movement data. The acquisition, processing, and rendering of movement data can be local or(More)
Tools for interaction with movement data are proliferating on the consumer market, demonstrating the increased valuation of whole-body movement in product and interaction design. However, few of these tools support creative authoring on user-friendly platforms. We present a system titled 'iDanceForms' (iDF) as a mobile sketching tool for designing creative(More)
While mobile authoring applications are proliferating, choreographic tools that support the generation and transformation of user-created movement `samples' are less readily available. iDanceForms is a novel mobile choreographic application that generates unique movement choices through a camera stillframing technique to provoke movement catalysts. In(More)
MPI-I/O defines a high-level file interface that enables multiple ranks to share a random access file. It would be highly attractive to grid-computing users that files are automatically partitioned and transfered to remote sites where their jobs can access the files through MPI-I/O. We are currently implementing in the Agent Teamwork grid-computing(More)
The era of big data has resulted in an explosion of condition monitoring information. The result is an increasing motivation to automate the costly and time consuming human elements involved in the classification of machine health. When working with industry it is important to build an understanding and hence some trust in the classification scheme for(More)
Studying the performance properties of concurrent programs by simulation experiments on synthetic programs (extended abstract)." Performance locations, or otherwise identify them as false suspects through the quantitative rank-ings of the ordered lists. The programmer's intuition is thus amplied. A hybrid of automatic and manual selection is also possible(More)
Choreography is an embodied and complex creative process that often relies on ‘co-imagining’ as a strategy in generating new movement ideas. Technology has historically been used as a tool to augment creative opportunities in choreographic process, with multiple choreographic support tools designed to function as a ‘blank slate’ for choreography. However,(More)